Winding Hollow Homeowners Association in Winter Springs, Florida, has reportedly filed a lawsuit accusing a mayoral candidate in that city of receiving kickbacks from a company that performed maintenance in the community while he served on a landscaping and maintenance committee.

An article posted to the Orlando Sentinal website, the association is seeking at least $2,500 damages from Ken Spalthoff.

But after a recent investigation by the Winter Springs Police Department, state prosecutors determined no money was fraudulently taken from the homeowners association and that the work was done below market value and to the satisfaction of the HOA.

“There was no evidence that the fees charged were inflated or padded to compensate for the commission paid to Spalthoff,” Todd Brown with the State Attorney’s Office said in a statement. According to the article, state and county officers are prohibited by similar arrangements but the law is not applicable to HOA board members.

Spalthoff said the claims were politically driven to tarnish his reputation. Emails suggesting he received kickbacks from $25-$500 for several projects he directed Florida Land Experts of Oviedo, according to him, were doctored.