The San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District in California approved a plan Oct. 16 to pay the East Valley Water District $173 per acre-foot of recycled wastewater used to recharge San Bernardino groundwater basins, according to an article on the Highland Community News website.

The decision came five days before the groundbreaking ceremony for the Sterling Natural Resource Center in west Highland, which is expected to recharge San Bernardino groundwater basins with up to 11 million gallons of recycled water per day after its completion in 2021.

The 20-year agreement is expected $2 million in revenue. It was approved 4-0 by the Valley District board.

Recycled wastewater will provide nearly three-quarters of the water needed for the 352-square-mile Valley District. Recycled water from the Sterling center will cost $600 per acre-foot. It will reduce the amount of water imported from Northern California, which costs $630 per acre-foot, according to the article.

The Valley District reportedly continues to look for ways to identify and implement projects that will help provide a more robust, long-term portfolio of reliable water supplies for our region. That includes a plan to capture 98 percent of the surface water from the Santa Ana River approved by the Valley District and the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District on Sept. 10. Surface water costs $150 per acre-foot.

The San Bernardino Water Department is designing the first phase of a wastewater recycling plant called the Clean Water Factory.

Valley District directors also approved $814,500 to fund a groundwater sustainability plan for the Yucaipa basin.