Oct. 29 2018 11:27 AM

The company’s riding snow removal machines allow you to ride them.

A new company in Lincoln, Nebraska, wants to change the snow removal business, according to an article in 10/11 NOW. The business, Rogue Snow, currently has two products in its line. The owner, Brice Crawford, says he hopes the products will replace snow blowers as an easier and safer alternative to clearing sidewalks and driveways.

The snow removal machines allow you to stand on and ride them, similar to a stand on lawn mower. Crawford says he got the idea after his friends in the snow removal business told him they needed a product to remove snow easier, especially on sidewalks.

The machine comes in two different models, the Renegade and the Maverick. The Renegade has a large engine that has speeds up to 8 mph, while the Maverick has a smaller engine that can go up to 6 mph. Prices for the machines range from $7,995 to $9,995.

The business is just launching and is reportedly targeting six to seven states surrounding Nebraska. While they are not sold in stores yet, Crawford says he hopes to get the machines into retail stores soon. He knows it's late in the year, so he isn’t sure how much growth they'll see immediately, but he has high hopes for the future.