Oct. 30 2018 12:41 PM

Czech Republic-based company is looking for U.S. distributors.

One of Spider's remote-controlled slope mowers

Attendees at GIE+Expo who ventured out to the outdoor demo area at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville might have been captivated by the sight of the small yellow machine climbing up a steep metal ramp. They might have thought it was another one of those robotic mowers — and they would have been partially right.

The unit they watched is, indeed, a mower, but not a robotic one. It is, instead, a remote-controlled slope mower, designed to cut grass on the steepest of grades, while an operator safely stands a few feet away and manipulates it through a small handheld control console. “It works like a drone, but on the ground,” said Peter Driver, public relations manager for its manufacturer, Spider.

The company, based in the Czech Republic, introduced the first unit in 2003. The company claims that it was the very first radio-controlled mower for the professional maintenance of grassed slopes. A patented drive system called “the dancing step,” gives the 3 Spider models their climbing ability and maneuverability. Now, the company plans to market its line of slope mowers in the U.S. It’ll be interesting to see how well they do here.