Nov. 1 2018 01:54 PM

Man complained that the landscaper kept “tearing up” his yard, blowing leaves and grass onto it.


Sometimes, it seems as if you need combat pay to be in the landscape profession. A Cleveland man told a 911 dispatcher that he shot a landscaper outside his neighbor’s home during a fight that started when he confronted the landscaper, according to a story on

“He’s been trespassing on my property,” Jyvaris T. Wooden, 27, told the dispatcher during a brief call to 911 he made to report the shooting.

The 36-year-old landscaper suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach during the fight, police said. Paramedics took him to University Hospital, where he underwent surgery and was said to be in serious condition.

Wooden told police that he was angry because he felt the landscaper had been “tearing up” his property, and that he had fought with the man several times before. He then accused the landscaper of blowing leaves and grass onto his yard, according to police reports.

The suspect told police that he went outside to confront the landscaper and warn him to stay off his property, as he felt the landscaper was still “tearing it up,” He activated a panic alarm before he grabbed his gun and an aluminum baseball bat and went back outside.

The two men argued. Wooden claimed the landscaper then tried to run him over with a riding lawnmower. When the landscaper got off the mower, Wooden proceeded to hit him over the head with the bat, police reports say. The two men then wrestled each other to the ground. Wooden also told officers the landscaper choked him when he pulled out his gun and shot him.

The officers who responded to Wooden’s 911 call found him waiting inside his home. They took him into custody without incident. He requested medical treatment, so paramedics took him to Euclid Hospital. He was later released from the hospital and taken to jail.

Wooden is charged with felonious assault and remains in custody at the Cuyahoga County Jail. He is scheduled to appear at an arraignment hearing in Cleveland Municipal Court.