Nov. 5 2018 09:51 AM

GoFundMe set up to recoup losses after from a fire caused by someone throwing a cigarette out of a car window.

Ralph Sambrano, 51, of Fort Worth, Texas, warns people not to throw cigarettes out of their vehicle windows, because it can cause injury to people and their property. He unfortunately knows from experience, as his trailer carrying about $5,000 worth of lawn care equipment caught fire after a nearby driver threw a cigarette out of a window, according to an article on the Star-Telegram.

Sambrano was driving home from work in the evening when the incident occurred. The discarded cigarette landed in the back of his attached trailer that was carrying his lawn care equipment. He is an independent lawn care provider through the San Diego-based company, Lawn Love.

Sambrano says he saw the driver flick the cigarette out the window, but didn’t notice the fire until other motorists started honking and pointing at him. He pulled over and his wife, who was in the passenger seat, grabbed the two water cans they were carrying. Sambrano quickly removed the gas cans he also had on the trailer.

All of his equipment was burned. Sambrano, a father of six, has been servicing lawns for over two years, normally about seven a day. He and his wife posted about the incident on GoFundMe in hopes of raising money to replace his mowers. To date, the fundraiser found here, has raised its goal of $5,000 to help Sambrano buy new work equipment