Nov. 11 2018 06:00 AM

The university’s president stated the 50 layoffs are due to budget constraints.

Oklahoma University President James Gallogly announced the termination of 50 staff positions as part of a cost-savings plan in an article on OUDaily. Gallogly says the layoffs were due to university budget constraints as the university faces $1 billion in debt.

According to a follow-up article, OU Public Affairs announced the majority of these positions are in OU’s landscaping department.

OU Public Affairs said in an email to The Daily that “a review of the landscaping efforts showed areas where we could make better use of funds and still keep the beautiful campus that OU is known for."

Public Affairs said that as the university slows new construction projects on campus, landscaping needs will shift from installing new landscaping to caring for the university's current grounds. Public Affairs did not say how many positions in the department were eliminated but that the landscaping department will keep the "appropriate number" of personnel.