Nov. 12 2018 06:00 AM

A petition has secured 116 signatures and counting.

In Daniel Island, South Carolina, a new petition asking for less gas-powered lawn maintenance equipment is gaining ground, according to an article published in The Daniel Island News.

If successful, the document will request that gas-operated landscaping equipment not be used in public spaces managed by the Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association.

Daniel Island resident and petition creator Sara Gails tells the Daniel Island News, “To me it’s a no brainer. It’s for cleaner air, higher community, it’s the way that everything is going.” Gail claims she created the petition to promote lower carbon emissions and noise pollution.

Jane Baker, vice president of community services for the POA, states that she is in support of the petition and categorizes the idea as money-saving and a sustainable practice. Baker says they are considering the option with the current landscaping company of having them implement battery and electric powered equipment.

The petition has over its required 100 signatures that was needed to meet with Charleston City Councilman Gary White to discuss the transition to electric mowers, blowers and trimmers for commercial landscaping. The POA says it will not enforce the rule on individual citizens caring for their private yards since the petition is only concerned with POA-managed public spaces.

Clements Ferry Ace Hardware Assistant Manager Steve Wood says that while people typically view electric equipment as cheaper in initial cost and upkeep, many reputable sources say that gas-powered equipment is stronger and more effective than electric equipment. Wood says that an electric trimmer may be okay for an individual homeowner but professional landscapers that come into his store are exclusively gas-powered equipment users.