Nov. 16 2018 05:47 AM

Jay Messler and his company, Modern Landscaping, helped clean up illegal trash dumping.

In Brockton, Massachusetts, the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts exists to rescue and rehome furry pets. But, unfortunately, with a driveway more than a mile long, people dump all sorts of things on the secluded grounds of the center, including garbage and even abandoned animals.

According to an article on The Enterprise’ website, the week of Nov. 11, it was three piles of trash. The APCSM took to its Facebook page to advertise the wrongdoing Nov. 13, morning after it occurred, asking the perpetrator to come pick up their trash. The center suspected the trash came from a demolition job because amongst the trash bags were sheets of plaster, insulation, grates and tiles.

But by the end of the day, the animal shelter had an update on the situation. Jay Messler, the owner of Modern Landscaping, Easton, Massachusetts, sent a crew of his workers in a company truck to haul away the garbage for free.

Messler reportedly saw the mess as he was driving to APCSM for a meeting to discuss a fundraiser he’s helping to organize with the shelter to raise funds for a new heating system. Messler told the organization he’d send a crew to clean up the garbage as soon as possible. He says he loves animals and wanted to help with something he was passionate about.

Getting rid of waste like that can cost home renovators disposal fees, so the long, secluded driveway at APCSM was likely a bargain dumping ground for a home renovator looking to save money, according to Messler.

Messler’s work crew disposed of the trash in his company’s dumpsters. APCSM thanked the company and shared the good news with their Facebook followers, warming the hearts of its supporters by showing that good people are always out there ready to help.