From the outside, Daniel Piotti may appear to be an ordinary teenager living in Philadelphia. But when you look at this 17-year-old, what’s uncommon is that he runs his own landscaping business, according to an article on the CBS Philly website.

Piotti says he has between 40 and 60 consistent clients. But what’s even more uncommon than a teenager operating a successful business is what he does with his profit – puts it right into the stock market.

His interest in investing was sparked by his dad’s stock investments, and with the help of his parents, Piotti first set up a trading account when he was 13 years old. Four years ago, Daniel started investing with $2,500. And now, he has a portfolio valued around $20,000.

What’s his strategy? Every day he monitors the 30 Dow stocks and tracks each stock’s earnings per share, P/E ratio and dividend yield. After seeing potential in specific stocks, he’ll buy them. He owns stocks such as Nike, Pepsi and FedEx.

As a successful business owner turned investor, this kid looks like he’s got a bright future ahead.