Nov. 26 2018 09:10 AM

Joel Doherty calls it “Pay it Forward Snow Removal.”

A Fredericton, New Brunswick, man is plowing the driveways of those in need for free this winter, according to an article on the Global News website.

Joel Doherty calls it “Pay it Forward Snow Removal.” He got the idea when he helped his neighbors dig out after bad snow storms, and he now helps those who have difficulty handling the snow removal themselves, like seniors and single parents.

Doherty says in the article, “Somebody will pay us a $30 flat rate to take care of their driveway for them, and in doing so we match that with somebody who could use a hand. So we’ll go out and plow them out for free.”

Doherty started the project in November and it has already grown to 25 clients. Of those clients 12 are receiving service for free. His goal is to reach 100 driveways for the season.

Doherty has also shared his idea on Facebook, hoping to create a network of snow plow contractors who are willing to pay it forward too.