Dec. 4 2018 12:00 AM

Local equipment dealer restores a man’s livelihood after a thief drove away with it.


A Houston man who lost his entire landscaping business to a thief can go back to work, thanks to the generosity of a local equipment dealer, according to a story reported by Marla Moreno of KTRK-TV. Even more importantly, he can continue to pay for his son’s costly heart medication.

The man, who wanted to be identified only as “Ruben,” owns a lawn care business. One recent weekend, while working in a neighborhood, he noticed that he didn’t have his truck keys on him. Seconds later, someone drove off with his truck and trailer. Ruben thinks he may have dropped the keys near the truck.

Ruben’s truck, as it is for many landscape professionals, was his mobile office. And the trailer contained all the equipment he needs to work. Overall, he estimates the loss at $12,000.

A surveillance camera picked up the theft as it happened. Shortly afterward, the truck and trailer were recorded driving on a local freeway by another surveillance camera, but have not yet been recovered.

In the interview with Moreno, broadcast on KTRK, Ruben pleaded with the thief to return his property, becoming emotional as he told her how his business pays for his son’s critically needed but expensive medication.

When Jose Cantu, co-owner of Saw House Power Equipment & Supply saw that report, he thought he should do something to help.

He and his brother, the other co-owner, immediately grabbed a lawnmower, a blower and some other equipment and filled up a trailer for Ruben. Thanks to them, he now has everything he needs to get back to work.

“We should all use whatever power or resources we have just to give a helping hand back, especially around this time of year," Cantu was reported as saying.

"I feel so happy and very grateful for all they're doing,” Ruben says. "It makes me feel good that I can provide my son’s medication. I know I have the equipment to do it.”