Dec. 4 2018 01:02 AM

New feature at Elm Park in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, interweaves stone and grass within the existing ground plane.

Elm Park's Isaac Sprague Memorial Tower, Wellesley, Massachusetts
James L. Woodward | Wikimedia

A park in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, has a new feature: a landscape labyrinth. According to an article in the Boston Globe, the structure is made of granite cobblestones built into the grass at Elm Park, also known as Clock Tower Park because of the Isaac Sprague Memorial Tower erected there.

According to the report, the labyrinth is a joint initiative between the Hills Garden Club of Wellesley and the town. The town’s landscape planner, Cricket Vlass, developed the project and design with the consultation of the Natural Resources Committee and the club. The club financed the project.

The labyrinth interweaves stone and grass within the existing ground plane on the western part of the park. Its purpose, according a club spokesperson mentioned in the article is to provide a peaceful oasis for residents and visitors.