Dec. 26 2018 04:00 AM

Concept was first introduced in January 2018.

Honda, Torrance, California, is seeking potential business and technology partners to further test and develop its prototype off-road vehicle, the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle.

The Autonomous Work Vehicle was designed by Honda R&D Americas to enhance efficiency and safety for public, commercial and consumer enterprises. Honda envisions this vehicle supporting people in a variety of industries, such as search and rescue, firefighting, construction, agriculture, landscaping and snow removal.

The vehicle is uses Honda's ATV chassis with its rugged four-wheel drive system. The prototype vehicle features GPS and sensor-based autonomy capable of guiding the unit in almost any environment. It also has a rail accessory mount system for limitless accessories and attachments and onboard power plug-ins.

Honda says that its compact size and off-road capabilities make it highly maneuverable and perfect for a variety of locations, from dense forests to urban pedestrian zones.

Since introducing the Autonomous Work Vehicle as a concept under the name 3E-D18 at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Convention (CES), Honda has worked with a variety of partners to beta-test and evaluate potential uses in a broad array of environments.

Honda continues to seek potential partners to further develop this prototype, which will be back at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Jan. 8-11.

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