Jan. 3 2019 12:00 AM

They had to go to work that night as snowstorms blanketed several states.


While the rest of us were toasting the New Year, either snug at home or at events and parties, December 31 was just another work night for many of those involved in snow removal work.

Prior to that night, a light winter had meant there had been little for the snow workers at Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Snow Removal, Madison, Wisconsin, to do, according to a story aired by WKOW and posted on its website. But then, Mother Nature decided to usher in 2019 with a blast of freezing rain and wet snow, causing them to sacrifice whatever New Year’s Eve plans they may have made.

“I have a great group of guys and not one of them have complained it’s a holiday,” said owner Kevin Milestone.

And while it may have been a celebration spoiler, the storm was a welcome post-Yuletide gift for Cutting Edge’s bottom line. “Another slow start, but at least we got something,” Milestone said. “Last two or three years it’s been slow, so we welcome anything we can get.”

Mitch Cooper, owner of MC Green Service, another Washington County, Wisconsin plowing business, is no stranger to holiday work. "We've plowed on Christmas before, Thanksgiving before, but I can't remember the last time we did it on New Year's Eve,” he told another WKOW reporter in a separate story.

Wisconsin was by no means the only state hit by holiday snowstorms. In Mankato, Minnesota, blowing snow reduced visibility to less than a mile in some areas and closed roads in Wyoming. Colorado, New Mexico and even Arizona felt the chill that night as well.

Whether or not this is a foretaste of what’s to come for the rest of winter 2019 remains to be seen, of course.