Jan. 25 2019 06:00 AM

Our zero-turn and stand-on mower comparison charts can help pair your business with the right machines.

When it comes to upgrading or adding to your arsenal of lawn mowers, how do you shop? With hundreds of zero-turn and stand-on mowers on the market, it can be difficult to know what to buy. While everyone shops differently and based on personal experience, we noticed a few common considerations landscape contractors have in mind when buying mowers.

Bradley Behr, owner of Copper Creek Cuts in Macclenny, Florida, began his company in 2017 with his first mower, a zero-turn BigDog Alpha model. “The most important thing is what’s available locally – what my dealers are selling within 10 minutes of me,” says Behr. Buying this first mower an hour away made it difficult to service, and he ended up doing all the repairs himself. Developing a good business relationship with a dealer is now a non-negotiable for Behr, and he’s since purchased a Bob-Cat QuickCat stand-on mower from a dealer just minutes from him.

Chant Singvongsa, owner of Singvongsa Landscaping in Jackson, Minnesota, shares the same opinion. “I try to shop dealer just because if anything breaks down, we like to get it in there and get it fixed. Knowing that we’ve got the support behind us is very important.”

Comfort and ease of operation are also top priorities for these guys. Singvongsa, who owns three mowers, says that the most important features he looks for in a mower are “the cut [quality] and comfortability, the easy access – where the controllers are at – anything that simplifies and makes it easier for us.”

Behr is satisfied with his stand-on mower for the same reasons – the maneuverability, ease of getting on and off and the comfort of standing versus sitting for long periods of time.

When making a big purchase of anything, it can help to do a side-by-side comparison of different brands and models. We hope this chart helps you find a few good contenders that will take you and your team to the next level.

The author is digital content editor of Irrigation & Green Industry magazine and can be reached at sarahbunyea@igin.com.

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