Jan. 14 2019 08:14 AM

The suspects dismantled the retaining wall in his front yard.

A homeowner from Omaha, Nebraska, says his home’s landscaping was stolen in broad daylight, according to an article on the KETV Omaha website.

Lavern Smith says someone took hundreds of bricks from his house, dismantling the retaining wall that’s been in place as long as he’s owned the house.

Smith's neighbor told KETV NewsWatch 7 that he saw five men with a pickup truck take the bricks away Dec. 11, in broad daylight. The suspects then returned the next day with a blowtorch to remove blocks frozen to the ground.

According to the article, Smith is in disbelief over the incident. He’s unsure whether the suspects were just desperate or wonders if it was mistaken identity. Smith says he has no hard feelings toward the suspected criminals as long as he gets his bricks back.