Jan. 29 2019 12:00 AM

The young man is fascinated by gardening and grass cutting.

It’s been said that American young people aren’t attracted to green industry careers. However, there’s at least one English lad who is, according to a story by Eleanor Ovens published in The Mail, Barrow-on-Furness, England.

As part of a school assignment, nine-year-old Lincoln Johnson, an Ormsgill resident, sent the owners of Continental Landscape a letter.

In it, he says, “I would be really good having a job at your business because I have grown up landscaping people’s gardens for them. I have a lot of good qualities, such as I am helpful, caring, happy and funny. I’m so careful with the machinery. I’ve never had an injury in my life!”

The boy has been interested in gardening for years, according to his mother, Sherrona Shaw, telling Ovens that he often plants flowers in his garden patch and cuts grass for neighbors, adding “Lincoln’s been following grass cutters around since he was little; he’s so interested in it!”

“It’s not every day you get a child who has a passion like this — I have no idea where it’s come from,” she told the reporter. “He also enjoys picking up litter. He’s one of those kids that just loves getting on with jobs; he’s also part of the mini police.”

The story’s author reports that the owners of the landscape company were so charmed by Johnson’s letter that they wrote back to him, saying, “Unfortunately, as you are currently only nine and still at school we could not employ you. But you come across as a very keen and enthusiastic young man with very good initiative for someone so young. We are always looking for experienced landscapers and grass cutters, especially ones with a good knowledge of health and safety.”

They then offered Johnson a “work experience day” at their place of business. “As a good gesture, we would love to invite you to our depot to have a look at all our ride-on mowing machinery and kit in the next school holiday.”

Shaw told Ovens, “I think it’s brilliant they took the time out to reply to Lincoln, and it means so much to him. They’ve made a little boy so happy.”