Feb. 5 2019 09:31 AM

The SUV had driven into a pond and was sinking fast.

When landscaper Miguel Enrique went to work that day, he didn’t expect to become a hero, saving a woman and her infant son from drowning. But that’s exactly what happened, according to a story published on the WTHR-TV website.

He and his co-workers were part of a Fort Lauderdale landscaping crew that was cutting trees near the Florida Turnpike when he happened to see an SUV drive into a nearby pond. Seeing the vehicle starting to sink, he ran to help.

Enrique climbed into the vehicle through the rear door, unlatched the baby from its car seat, and handed the baby to another man had also who stopped to help. He then helped the baby’s mother escape.

Following the rescue, both were taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

Enrique is humble about the whole experience, saying "I'm not a hero. What's important to me is that I saved two lives. I got to the water and it was getting deeper and deeper and I told the lady I'll save the baby and then come back and save you."

Not a bad end to a day’s work.