Feb. 7 2019 07:47 AM

Daniel Smith from Victoria, B.C., made the viral video during last week's polar vortex.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Smith Mowtime Franchise, YouTube

On Jan. 29, Daniel Smith of MowTime Lawn Maintenance in Victoria, B.C., created a video to show his family in Ontario how real snow shoveling is done. Bundled in a heavy winter jacket, Smith says in the video, “This cold weather and this snow is unbelievable up here in Canada. It's absolutely ridiculous, the amount we have to shovel here. Got my snowblower going. It is freezing out. I hope everyone's safe."

"I just wanted to show everybody what it's like to shovel snow in Victoria, B.C. in January," he says, but then pans the camera to his yard as he revs up a lawnmower on a green, snow-free lawn.

"What snow? Come on, suckers! I'm out. I got to finish mowing my lawn."

Smith says in an article on huffingtonpost.ca that he filmed the video to poke fun at his brother-in-law and family in Ontario, who were going through a severe winter storm. Smith says his family loved it and thought it was funny.

Smith may have spoken too soon, because soon after, Victoria did receive snow.

He made a follow-up video to show the snow they got – a mere dusting as he proceeded to make snow angels in his yard.