Feb. 7 2019 09:50 AM

Two robberies in two weeks prompted him to build it.

According to story reported by Christian Farr and published on the NBC 5 News website, Chicago landscape company owner Brian Awad constructed a wall around his business after being victimized by two different robberies, all within just two weeks of each other.

He was first hit last Dec. 11. Security camera footage shows two men breaking into a trailer on his lot in North Austin. “They hit one of the trailers there and stole all the equipment that was inside the trailer,” Awad told Farr.

The story states that although one of his employees called 911 to report the crime, the operators would not send police officers to the scene.

“I was really aggravated that the police didn’t come out here and investigate,” Awad told Farr. “We are two blocks away from the 25th District.”

Police officials told NBC 5 that they usually don’t send out officers when someone breaks into garages or trailers. However, detectives did start investigating after a second crime was caught on camera less than two weeks later, on Dec. 23.

In that incident, the robbers allegedly backed a U-Haul truck up to the business and broke into a warehouse to steal specialized landscaping equipment, including some battery-operated commercial landscaping devices.

Awad says that the robberies have cost his business more than $21,000 in stolen equipment and harmed his company during the holiday season. “That’s a big hit,” Awad told the reporter. “It can put anybody out of business quickly.”

Farr reports that the frustrated contractor then built a wall around his warehouse in the hopes that it will deter any future break-ins.