Feb. 8 2019 08:00 AM

The industry veteran has 27 years of experience in golf course irrigation.

Green Irrigation Solutions LLC has announced a partnership with golf irrigation veteran Ian Williams. The agreement will expand Green Irrigation Solutions' customer service capabilities by increasing available services and professional knowledge in environmentally conscious water and resource management.

Williams has 27 years of industry experience including golf course irrigation design, installation, contracting and service, golf course maintenance, manufacturer and distribution representation, and landscape installation and design. He is involved in multiple industry associations, including the Irrigation Association and the Golf Course Builders Association of America, where he served as past secretary.

Green Irrigation Solutions LLC is a full-service irrigation design and consulting firm established in 2010 by Don Mahaffey.

“I was always impressed with Ian's knowledge of golf irrigation. But even more so with his pursuit of doing it better, of improving how we apply water to a golf course in the most efficient and cost-effective way,” says Mahaffey. “When the opportunity came to partner with Ian, it was an easy decision. I believe the addition of Ian positions our firm as a leader in the field of golf irrigation.”