Feb. 21 2019 01:24 PM

Rodolfo Montes brings 15 years of international supply chain experience to his new position.

Rodolfo Montes has assumed the position of purchasing manager at K-Rain Manufacturing, Riviera Beach, Florida. Working in a variety of management positions both domestically and abroad, Montes has 15 years of international supply chain experience and brings a thorough knowledge of cost reduction strategies and methodologies to the table.

“Rodolfo’s ability to source suppliers to improve lead times and cost efficiencies is impressive,” says President Chip Kah. “In his role at K-Rain, he’ll be applying his inventory leadership skills to manage a portfolio of tens of thousands of items”.

“ Montes attributes his success in productivity to effective communication. “What I’ve always found is that it’s better to overcommunicate,” says Montes. “When you have customers in over 60 countries worldwide, meeting their needs requires that all parties understand key deadlines and deliverables at all times. I’ve seen how good communication improves speed to market.”

“Montes will actively manage the component inventory of K-Rain intelligent flow technology products for the turf irrigation market throughout the U.S. and around the world.