March 1 2019 03:53 AM

Rains and temperatures create the perfect storm for wildflower blooms.

While some Californians are lamenting the wet winter, others are excited that all those showers are creating a “super bloom” this spring.

Rain in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas has experts looking forward to a wildflower boom across the California desert, according to a USA Today article.

Cameron Barrows, an associate research ecologist at UC Riverside's Center for Conservation Biology, told the USA today that in the more than 30 years he’s lived in the area, there have been only a handful of exceptional wildflower years and 2019 is going to be one of them. He attributes it to the timing of the rain, the amount of rain and the temperature. More than 4 inches of rain were recorded in Palm Springs in February and more than 7 inches have fallen since Oct. 1, 2018 when the rainy season begins. The article says that is more than double the 3.31 inches that are typical for the area during that period.

In the last month, 4.25 inches of rain has been recorded at Palm Springs International Airport. Since Oct. 1 — the beginning of the annual rainy season — Palm Springs has recorded 7.21 inches of rain. That's more than double the 3.31 inches the city would have seen at this point in the season in an average year.

When’s the best time to see the blooms? Anywhere between the first week of March through April depending on elevation. The higher elevations will experience the blooms toward the latter period.

California isn’t alone. Texas is also having a spectacular year for spring flowers, notes and article.