Feb. 28 2019 10:02 AM

It’s a win for the environment and for local landscape companies that need workers.

The city of Savannah, Georgia, is getting some new trees, and along with it, some new green industry professionals, according to a story by Kelsey Sanchez that was published on the District website.

It all started with a $230,000 grant the city’s Office of Sustainability was awarded for a pilot project called Green Infrastructure to Green Jobs. Its mission includes adding 500 trees to the city’s tree canopy, adding water storage capacity for the city and reducing flooding.

To nurture these trees, some city-owned lots will be transformed into tree nurseries. When mature, the trees will be planted in flood-prone areas around the city to improve resistance to heavy rainfalls.

The “green jobs” part of the project is a paid landscape management apprenticeship designed to teach useful skills to unemployed or underemployed people. As the apprentices develop these skills, they will also be working towards a Georgia Certified Landscape Professional accreditation from the University of Georgia.

They’ll also have access to a job placement program.

The organizations that partnered with Savannah’s Sustainability Department include UGA’s Center for Urban Agriculture, WorkSource Coastal, the city of Savannah, UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant and the Savannah Tree Foundation.