March 29 2019 07:05 AM

Thieves stole the victim’s truck, equipment, cell phone and $1,000 cash.

Photo courtesy of Santa Ana Police Department

A landscaper in Santa Ana, California, learned there are some good people out there after being the victim of a theft. Adrian Salgado was starting off his day as a landscaper on March 27, when he encountered a couple of thieves. They stole his pickup truck, cell phone and landscaping equipment, along with $1,000 of rent money that was in the truck, according to an article on

He chased after the two men on foot, but they drove off in the truck. Anthony Bertagna, a spokesman for the Santa Ana Police Department, said Salgado let his daughter know what had happened, and she reported the crime.

Using her Find My iPhone app, officers were able to track down the truck. The police arrested the two suspects. Both men had $500 in cash in their pockets but said it was their own money. By law, the officers could only enter the cash as evidence and couldn't return the money to Salgado.

The equipment, which included a lawnmower, edger, hand tools and a leaf blower, was gone. In addition to the missing cash, police estimated the value of the missing items at $3,000.

According to the article, Salgado's job as a landscaper is his only means of supporting himself and his family. Officer Lysette Murillo had an idea to replace Salgado’s property, so she and other officers donated $500 of their own money and the Santa Ana Police Officers Association donated another $500 to the cause.

Officers then went to a local Home Depot to buy replacements for the stolen equipment. The Home Depot store contributed $100 toward Salgado’s new equipment and offered a military discount because several of the officers are reservists.

Gonzalez took his new tools home and was able to return to work. Despite the crime and loss of property, he still said it was a good day thanks to the help of these kind officers.