April 5 2019 06:46 AM

North Carolina company helps low-income residents, the elderly and others.

A lawn care business in Newport, North Carolina, is receiving well-deserved recognition for its good deeds. Kwik and E-Z Lawn Care provides free lawn care to about 10 low-income residents, as well as Civil War Memorial Park in Newport, according to an article on carolinacoastonline.com.

Owner Brandon Brooks started his lawn care business in 2015 and says he’s the type of person who likes to pay it forward. He began offering free or discounted services a few years ago when a customer he provided lawn care for needed help.

He says this client had four acres that he’d normally charge $100 to mow. But when he noticed they “had some problems and needed help,” he started charging them $20 for the job to cover gas expenses.

In 2017, he saw three elderly men trying to mulch at Civil War Memorial Park. He pulled over, asked if they needed help and began working with them. He’s been providing free lawn services for the park since.

Word of his good deeds spread, and he slowly began adding clients who could not afford lawn care and were unable to do it themselves.

Brooks says he even had paying customers who started giving him extra money to pay for the ones who couldn’t afford it because they knew what he was doing. He says he plans to continue offering free services to those in need, especially the elderly.

Brooks says anyone who can’t afford lawn care and is unable to do it themselves in the Newport area can contact him at 252-308-4800, 252-617-3468 or through his business Facebook page.