April 6 2019 12:01 PM

The plant buyer sourced local copperleaf and other plants for the uniquely designed radio headquarters project.

Gosha Greens, Sunrise, Florida, a wholesaler of plants and trees to landscapers, garden centers and retailers across Florida, recently supplied plants for the newly-constructed iHeartRadio building landscaping project in Sunrise.

The landscape design consisted of red and white shrubs planted in the shape of the company’s logo along with satellite-like lights atop Italian cypresses. To complete the look, Gosha Greens supplied and delivered local copperleaf, dracaena marginata, blue agave and clusia plants.

“The landscaper for the iHeartRadio project called me last minute in search of premium plants to finish up this large project,” says Gosha Greens Owner, Kevin Kalantari. “Within hours, we were able to find and deliver everything they needed.”

The copperleaf, dracaena marginata and blue agave plants surround the front of the property near the heart design, while the lush clusia was installed in the back of the building.

“Both the landscaper and iHeartRadio were more than pleased with our quick response and quality material,” says Kalantari. “Gosha Greens hopes to work with both companies in the near future.”