April 8 2019 06:30 AM

The Joliet, Illinois, woman allegedly stole close to $100,000.

A woman in Joliet, Illinois, has been charged with allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from a Homer Glen, Illinois landscaping company, according to an article by the Chicago Tribune.

Police say that Lynda Bibian, 32, was hired as an assistant to the office manager by Jimenez Landscaping in May 2017. The owners became suspicious when they tried to cancel a credit card in October 2018 and realized there were hundreds of unauthorized charges.

Bibian is accused of stealing the identity of a deceased family member of the owner and made more than $44,000 in unauthorized charges for gas stations, restaurants, airlines, limousine services, Amazon, Ticketmaster and other services and products.

Police said they discovered that Bibian also had fraudulently increased her hourly pay rate on more than one occasion, wrote unauthorized checks to herself and used company money to pay for her personal expenses, such as dermatology and medical bills. Police believe these expenses total more than $54,000 on top of the fraudulent credit card charges.

Officials say she was fired from the company in October 2018 and that police started investigating her alleged theft in November 2018. Bibian was arrested April 4, 2019 after Will County sheriff’s detectives said she made statements implicating herself when she was brought in for questioning.

Bibian was charged with theft, identity theft and two counts of forgery with additional charges to be expected.

Her bond is set at $75,000.