April 9 2019 04:29 PM

Bacterial disease is most commonly spread by tick bites.

Ticks carrying tularemia, more commonly known as rabbit fever, were discovered on a trail in San Diego County, prompting officials to remind people about the dangers of ticks.

Tularemia can be treated with antibiotics but can also make people seriously ill, according to San Diego County Vector Control. Tick bites are the most common cause of the disease in humans. .Wild hares, rabbits and rodents can also be infected with the disease. No confirmed human cases have been detected in the county since 2005, though ticks carrying the disease were also detected in 2018.

A report in the Times of San Diego notes that tick-borne illnesses are generally rare in San Diego. The article advises people to stay on designated hiking trails and pathways and not to touch grass, brush or wild rodents.

Ticks can latch on to clothing. If you do come into contact with one, the Centers for Disease Control recommends removing the tick with tweezers by grabbing as close to its head as possible so as not to leave any part of it within the body.

More about tick-borne illnesses can be found at www.cdc.gov/ticks/index.html.