April 9 2019 05:21 AM

ELF can measure small drip zones and multizoned residential and commercial landscapes.

Creative Sensor Technology’s flow sensor, the Enhanced Low Flow or ELF, is now being shipped to irrigation, landscaping and agricultural distributors on a national and international basis, the Rochester, Massachusetts-based company announced. Targeting the demands for water conservation and re-use in the irrigation, landscape and agricultural markets, the new Enhanced Low Flow meter uses CST’s impeller technology in a unique design has been awarded US Patent no. 10,060,774B1.

The ELF flow sensor will measure expansive flow rates ranging from a low of 0.2 gallons per minute up to 20 gpm. Now, one flow sensor can measure the demand of small drip zones as well as multizoned residential and commercial landscape sites.

Norm Bartlett, president of Creative Sensor Technology says, “Finally, the day has come when contractors and DIYer’s can easily install an affordable water flow sensor that will accurately measure flow to conserve water, save money and protect property. And we’re so certain about the ELF’s technology and reliability that we’ve backed it up with a lifetime electronics warranty.”

The ELF’s is designed to eliminate the need for contractors or DIYer’s to install lengthy straight pipe upstream and downstream of the device, allowing the ELF to be installed quickly in smaller and hard-to-reach confined areas, according to the company. Pipe size or direction can change immediately after the sensor, so now even a solenoid valve may be attached directly to the downstream threads of the ELF creating both a flow sensor and master valve combination. And measuring less than 12 inches in length allows it to fit into a standard valve box.

The ELF utilizes proven impeller technology in and a design which significantly reduces friction loss, the company adds. The light weight impeller features a wear resistant and self-cleaning bearing. All the electronics are encapsulated in a watertight epoxy suitable for underground installation even in extremely wet environments. A two-wire digital frequency is the output signal.

The ELF is available in two unique models, a ¾ inch PVC version with socket connections and a 1-inch glass-filled nylon (Noryl) version with male NPT threaded connections. Creative Sensor Technology is backing both models with its guaranteed brand promise of a lifetime electronics warranty.

More information is available at www.creativesensortechnology.com, by calling 508-763-8100 or by emailing sales@creativesensortechnology.com.