April 11 2019 12:00 AM

Arborjet is donating the treatment to help preserve a nearly 300-year-old live oak.

Old Sentry

Arborjet Inc., Woburn, Massachusetts, is working with officials of Panama City, Florida, and Project Canopy to preserve Old Sentry, a 270-year-old tree in Oaks by the Bay Park. A plaque in front of the tree explains how it got its name. It says, “This oak was standing during the War Between the States as if a sentry standing guard over Old St. Andrews Bay.”

Arborjet is a tree and plant health products company that has been working to mitigate the devastation caused by invasive pest species such as emerald ash borer and others in over 150 municipalities across the country. The company will donate a systemic trunk injection treatment to protect the venerable heritage live oak against pests and diseases.

Project Canopy is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Community Forestry Assistance Program that promotes natural resource management in populated areas to improve the quality of life.

The company claims that research shows trunk injection helps save trees and is more cost effective than removing and replacing mature specimens, allowing cities like Chicago, Milwaukee and Rochester to save threatened trees at a cost of less than $80 per tree. This allows a tree to be treated for over 20 years if necessary, before the cost equals that of removing and replacing it. Most cities retreat every two years.

The treatment method seals the formulation directly into a tree’s vascular system. No chemicals go into the soil or air.

Saving mature trees helps reduce energy demands and the amount of stormwater runoff while helping maintain residential and commercial property values.

Arborjet will donate the injection as part of its "Saving America's Iconic Trees" campaign. This effort offers complimentary treatment to some of America’s most beloved trees to enhance their overall health and prevent attack by insects and diseases. These landmark trees are often located in public parks, gardens and other historic sites.