April 15 2019 06:19 AM

This is the seventh time the survey has been conducted since 1989.

The Green Industry Research Consortium, with funding support from the Horticultural Research Institute, is launching the National Green Industry Survey this April. This represents the seventh time that this survey has been conducted since 1989. The purpose of the survey is to document trends in production, marketing and retailing practices in the U.S. green industry.

“This is the 30th year that our research team has conducted this national study, so it is special for us to commemorate this significant milestone. But more importantly, the study has been the steady source of information that is not collected by any other entity and has served the industry in so many capacities,” says Dr. Charlie Hall, research member of the Green Industry Research Consortium.

“The results of this survey enable our AmericanHort advocacy team to educate Members of Congress, their staff and other federal policymakers on our industry’s role, importance and impact,” says Craig Regelbrugge, AmericanHort senior vice president of industry advocacy and research. “Decision makers and influencers are more likely to support our policy goals when they understand our industry’s true impact on jobs and the economy, as well as human health and well-being, strong communities and the environment.”

HRI encourages every business that receives the survey to participate. The survey is distributed via mail and email to randomly selected wholesale and retail firms throughout the U.S. Participation is voluntary, anonymous and confidential. If you would like to participate and do not receive a survey, contact the research team below:

Dr. Alan W. Hodges, University of Florida, 352-294-7674, awhodges@ufl.edu

Dr. Hayk Khachatryan, University of Florida, 407-410-6951, hayk@ufl.edu

Dr. Charlie Hall, Texas A&M University, 979-458-3277, c-hall@tamu.edu

Dr. Marco Palma, Texas A&M University, 979-845-5284, mapalma@tamu.edu