In Bradford County, Florida, a father and son have been arrested for stealing approximately $80,000 worth of lawn mowers, according to an article on CBS 4 News Gainesville.

Investigators say that several victims have had their lawn mowers stolen by James Ford, 61, and his son, Joseph Ford, 36.

Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith said that they have never had this type of incident occur before. He says these two men “had no boundaries” and also stole mowers from Alachua, Marion and Union counties.

Investigators said they were able to track down the thieves and catch them in the act. They also were able to follow them and see where they were taking the stole property.

So far deputies have recovered seven lawn mowers and three trailers reportedly worth more than $80,000.

Deputies said they are still recovering more stolen property.

James and Joseph Ford have been charged with dealing in stolen property and are being held in the Bradford county jail.