April 18 2019 12:41 AM

Local landscapers and community members step up to help the Livonia, Michigan, man.

A Livonia, Michigan, man described as “a beloved landscaper” now has tangible proof of his community’s high regard for him, according to story posted on the ClickOnDetroit website.

Eddie Roulo, 30, owns Eddie’s Lawn Service. He started the business, cutting and trimming lawns for his neighbors, when his cognitive disability made it difficult for him to find a job.

A local TV news station aired a story about him and his three-wheeled cargo bike, his only means of transportation to jobs for himself and his landscape equipment. As the reporter explained, the equipment is much too heavy for the bike, and as a result, it keeps breaking down.

In the TV segment, the reporter stated that Roulo wants to buy a heavy-duty motorized cargo bike that’s built to carry heavier loads. But he can’t afford it just yet — it costs over $6,000. So far, by doing bottle drives, he’s raised just $1,000.

Roulo’s undaunted attitude, saying “Never give up. If you give up, you'll go nowhere, on camera, touched viewers. In the days after the story aired, donations poured in, $6,500 worth, more than enough for Roulo to get that new bike.

Local landscape contractors were also quick to step up. D&B Landscaping, Nice Touch Landscape and Weingartz in Livonia donated several thousands of dollars’ worth of new gear, including a new trimmer, some “more robust” accessories, oil and more to Roulo.

“I'm really happy now, Roulo says. I was always keeping an eye on it” (the bike).