April 22 2019 12:45 AM

Matt Gimlet sold Midland Mulch so he could focus on his stump removal business.

A Michigan business owner was so successful at his two businesses, he didn’t have time to run both of them. According to an article in the Midland News, Matt Gimlet, owned Midland Mulch and M&M Stump Removal.

He decided he wanted to focus his energy on his stump business and he mentioned it to one of his clients, Mike Cohoon. Cohoon was already co-owner of Mac Services with Joel Marshall Jr. The business is a snow and ice removal and landscaping company. The two business partners decided Midland Mulch would be a good fit with the other businesses they owned, so they purchased it from Gimlet.

Cohoon told the Midland News the two thought the mulch business would be “something interesting and fun that we could add to the array of things we do.