April 30 2019 11:52 AM

The parent company of Weld-On has purchased another adhesive manufacturer.

Two adhesive manufacturers will be glued together from now on: IPS Corp., Gardena, California, the parent company of Weld-On Adhesives Inc., has announced its acquisition of Anaheim, California-based T. Christy Enterprises, a manufacturer of solvent cements and adhesives and a provider of a broad range of accessories. Red Hot Blue Glue, Christy’s flagship product used by landscape contractors.

“This acquisition further solidifies the relationship that Weld-On has had with Christy’s for over 40 years,” says Janet Reilly, president of Weld-On. “It is a testament to the value of Christy’s customer relationships, the quality of their products, and the caliber of people that make up their organization. The Weld-On team is very excited to continue to bring even greater value and service to our customers by providing a wider and more diverse offering of cements and accessories that Weld-On and Christy’s together bring to the market.”

Jon Christy, long-time president of Christy’s, adds, “Being a part of the IPS family of businesses gives Christy’s access to an enhanced global reach, significant research and development and a world-renowned customer and technical support system. We couldn’t be more excited to renew and leverage this relationship with Weld-On to provide industry-leading cements, primers and accessories and world class customer service and technical support to all of our customers.”