May 13 2019 09:21 AM

The 11-year-old cousins recently started their own business in Pinellas County, Florida.

Photo courtesy of Rich Junior

In Pinellas County, Florida, two young entrepreneurs received an unexpected surprise to help kick-start their lawn care business, according to an article on the KXXV News website.

Alex and Andrew are 11-year-old cousins who recently decided they wanted to launch a lawn care business called A & A Lawn Kings.

Rich Junior saw their Facebook page and read how they saved money to help buy their own lawn mower. He was inspired to help and reached out to Matoyia Calip, the mother of one of the boys, to learn what other equipment they had.

When he learned they didn't have much, he took a trip to the store. Coordinating with Calip, he then met Alex and Andrew in person and gifted them with a trimmer, leaf blower and other lawn care necessities.

Junior says the cousins were excited and eager about their business and their new equipment.

In a Facebook post, Junior says he encouraged the boys to work hard, save their money and invest it in themselves and their future.

Junior shared a reminder for others: “Invest in our youth. It doesn’t take a lot; it truly just takes a heart and a vision. Remember they are always watching what we do, so guide them, teach them and support them when you can.”