May 14 2019 03:56 PM

The tragedy is a reminder of the need for extreme caution when using flammable liquids.

A landscape contractor in Maryland died when the landscape trailer he was in caught fire, according to a story reported by WJZ-TV, Baltimore.

George Louis Kelley, 57, owner of GK Enterprise Landscape Co., Owings Mills, had been cutting a client’s grass in Reisterstown when the accident happened. Witnesses reported seeing him enter the trailer just before it erupted into flames but didn’t see him come out.

According to the story, Kelley was attempting to connect a 100-gallon gasoline tank pump to the lawn mower when a spark ignited the fuel’s vapors.

When Baltimore County Fire crews arrived, they found the 23-foot trailer on fire and used foam to extinguish them. County officials say that Kelley was found dead at the scene.

Gasoline is a tool of the landscape trade. When it’s used every day, it’s easy to become cavalier about its dangers. This story serves as an unfortunate reminder of the need to always handle gasoline and other flammable or toxic materials safely.