May 24 2019 07:46 AM

The project includes replacing roads with new gardens and green spaces.

With the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games taking place in Paris, France, the city is redesigning the Eiffel Tower’s surroundings, according to an article on

The new landscape design project has been created by Kathryn Gustafson and Mary Bowman, co-founders of London-based landscape architecture firm Gustafson Porter and Bowman.

The company won the City of Paris’s Site Tour Eiffel Competition with a plan called OnE I. Spanning 133 acres, the project features new trees on both sides of the Seine river.

Right now, the space that surrounds the Eiffel Tower is full of roads that break up the public areas. The new project, which will be completed in 2023, aims to eliminate these roads by burying them underground, laying down new gardens and changing existing ones.

The project will also increase the variety of trees in the area to improve its biodiversity. The plan features new green corridors, expanded gardens and a new amphitheater.

During the games, a temporary beach volleyball court will also be installed near the base of the tower.

According to the creators of the landscape design proposal, the new gardens aim to combine two historic landscape types: orderly, classical French gardens and the country’s more wild and organic picturesque gardens.

The landscaping is expected to be maintained long term by the city of Paris.