May 24 2019 09:37 AM

The goal is to increase efficiency and reduce the university’s annual landscaping expenses.

The University of Nebraska is using robotic lawn mowers in a new pilot project launched by its Facilities Management and Planning department, according to an article on the Fox 42 KPTM News website.

Nicknamed “Snips” and “Chopper,” the pair of robotic mowers quietly do their job, day or night, without much supervision, says the university.

According to assistant director Michael Cremers, the goal of using these mowers is to increase efficiency and flexibility within the department and reduce the university’s annual landscaping expenses.

UNK says it has seven, full-time grounds services employees who handle the mowing, trimming, weeding and other tasks needed to keep a 150-acre area maintained. picturesque. UNK says that mowing alone can consume 120 man-hours a week.

Grounds Supervisor Dick Wardyn says if anything happens to the mower, it communicates that to the department via a smartphone app. The app is used to view the mower’s progress and battery level, as well as adjust its schedule.

UNK's Facilities Management says that it will evaluate the pilot project this fall before deciding whether to add more robotic mowers on campus.