May 24 2019 11:29 AM

The landscaper came up from the south just to honor New England area veterans.

Some New England veterans will be able to focus on backyard barbecues and other Memorial Day weekend fun instead of doing yard work thanks to an Alabama landscaper. He’s traveled to New England to deliver the gift of a free lawn mow to military veterans and their families.

According to a story aired by WOKQ radio, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and posted on the station’s website, Rodney Smith Jr. came to the area for the sole purpose of giving back to veterans. He’s pledged to mow the lawn for any New England veteran or widow of a veteran during the holiday weekend.

It’s an ambitious pledge, as New England consists of several states. There were no details in the story as to how Smith will manage to fulfill his pledge — or why he traveled so far to do it — but a few veterans will be able to benefit from his generosity.

Smith paid a visit to an American Legions/Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Manchester, New Hampshire. Unable to find a veteran’s lawn to mow while in that area, he mowed the post’s lawn.

The landscaper tweeted: “I had the honor & privilege of mowing for a group of veterans at the American Legions/VFW post in Manchester, NH. They were happy to let me mow at the post after I wasn’t able to find a lawn! Thank you all for your service & sacrifice.

He later went to Gray, Maine and mowed the lawn for a Mr. Perry who served 6 years in the U.S. Navy. Perry can look forward to a mow-free holiday weekend thanks to Smith.