Police in Westampton, New Jersey, are searching for a man vandalizing neighbors’ cars over landscaping issues, according to an article on the Fox 29 news website.

Captured on a security camera, the suspect waited until early morning to vandalize cars that were parked in someone’s driveway with a box cutter.

One of the vandalism victims, Naomi Taylor, said the same thing happened to her car. She says before getting into her car to go to work one morning, she noticed her car doors and hood were scratched, and her tire was flattened.

The suspect also has left notes on the vandalized cars implying that his anger is fueled by people in the Holly Hills section of town who he says don’t maintain their property.

Lieutenant Brian Ferguson says that the notes say that he’s the new code enforcement officer in town and he’s not happy with the way their property is being kept as far as grass or weeding.

Another woman says the person vandalized her car three years ago and left a threatening letter that said she needed to cut and edge her lawn and that he’d be back if she didn’t.

Police believe the same person is responsible for all of the incidents. There have been six over the past month alone, and they also believe he lives in the area. They have asked neighbors to avoid approaching him and to call the police if they catch him in the act.