June 11 2019 12:58 AM

The organization fears it will cause other voluntary lithium-ion battery recycling programs to leave the state.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Alexandria, Virginia, has filed a letter with the state of California stating the organization’s opposition to a piece of proposed legislation that, if passed, would create a new lithium-ion battery recycling program.

The letter states: “Assembly Bill 1509 would create an environmental handling fee model that could place pressure on existing collection programs in the state, like Call2Recycle, to withdraw from California. This would impact their overall operations to properly provide recycling coverage throughout the U.S.”

“These types of initiatives could greatly impact the free-market and vendor-sponsored programs that suppliers, manufacturers and retailers currently have in place today.”

“OPEI and its members strongly recommend that AB 1509 be set aside and replaced with a statewide communications program that educates consumers and businesses about the right way to handle used lithium-ion batteries.”