June 21 2019 08:19 AM

Grassmasters supplies sod for the Colts, Bengals and Titans.

For NFL fans, southern Indiana is Colts country, but it’s conveniently about the same distance to Nashville and Cincinnati too.

According to an article by the Courier and Press, GrassMasters, a sod farm located in Patoka, Indiana, is in the process of harvesting Bermuda grass to cover football fields for the Colts, Bengals and Titans before the end of June so the sod can settle before training camps begin in late July.

Pam Bammer, who owns the farm with her husband, Joe, said there’s not another sod farm in the entire U.S. that provides sod for three different NFL teams. The farm began supplying sod for the Bengals in 2014, the Colts in 2016, and this is the first year the Titans contracted them.

GrassMasters has been operating on a family farm with about 350 acres in Patoka since 1997. In total, there are 25 workers during the busy summer months. The Bammers also are seeding a new farm in Colorado and have partnership farms in Lexington, Kentucky, as well as Panama.

Bermuda grass is ideally grown in the south while fescue is northern, but GrassMasters is able to grow both. According to farm manager Aaron Neufelder, south Indiana is a “transitional belt,” and what makes the grass in Southern Indiana so special is that it’s grown in indigenous sand.

According to the article, the Bengals ordered Northridge, which has high wear tolerance and outstanding shear strength. The Titans chose a new type of sod, Tahoma 31, which has been rated No. 1 in quality and cold tolerance. Both kinds are soft yet have tightly grown roots. Neufelder said that having something stable like this to cut into is what saves the players’ knees.

Grassmasters’ sod is used throughout the Southern Indiana region from new construction home properties to golf courses to both professional and high school sports fields.