June 21 2019 01:02 PM

East Mississippi Community College graduates of turf management and landscape programs finding work all over the country.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a job already lined up before graduation? Well, graduates of East Mississippi Community College’s Landscape Management Technology and Golf and Recreational Turf Management Technology programs are experiencing just that, not only finding work in their region, but in other parts of the country.

According to an article in The Meridian Star, students graduating from these programs are finding jobs all over the country.

One of the students featured in the article, Trey Sansing found a job at The Cascades Golf & Country Club in Tyler, Texas, two weeks before graduation. His instructor, Danny Smith called the facility, home to the Texas Open, because Sansing’s girlfriend was working in the area and he was hoping to find work close to her.

The supervisor reportedly told Smith, “It must be my lucky day, we are in need of an assistant superintendent.”

His story is not uncommon. Two other students featured in the article, Matthew Morse and Zachary Mozingo, also found jobs, at golf courses in Montana and Mississippi.

The Landscape Management program teaches landscape design; selection and care of plants; installation of irrigation and lighting systems; construction; equipment use and maintenance; and business management, while the Golf and Recreational Turf Management program goes further into the use of chemical applications and specialized equipment used in turf maintenance.