July 2 2019 12:00 AM

Buyers of Hino COE trucks with Allison transmissions will get two extra years on the transmission.

Buyers of cab-over-engine trucks, including landscape and irrigation contractors, are getting a break from one of the major manufacturers, Hino Trucks of Novi, Michigan. Effective immediately, a buyer of a 2020 model year Hino truck equipped with a transmission from Allison Transmission, Indianapolis, will get a 5-year unlimited-mile warranty on that transmission.

This new standard gives buyers up to two additional years of coverage at no additional cost and also does away with the mileage limit. All Hino trucks in all vocational applications are included as long as they’re equipped with Allison transmissions. It extends to Hino trucks in classes 6 through 8 and includes models 238, 258, 268 and 338 as well as the all-new Hino XL Series.

The new warranty on Allison transmissions joins Hino Trucks’ standard 5-year engine warranty, emissions system warranty and connected vehicle services such as Hino Insight Remote Diagnostics and Case Management. Hino claims the combination of all these warranties and services helps its trucks maintain high residual value, giving buyers the maximum return on their investment.

“We continuously strive to deliver the lowest cost of ownership for our customers, period,” says Hino Trucks’ Sr. Vice President of Customer Experience, Glenn Ellis. “The durability and reliability of our proprietary engines and mated Allison transmissions has made it possible to extend our coverage to five years at no charge to our customers.”

Allison transmissions are standard on all conventional Hino trucks including the recently launched XL Series. “We are proud to partner with Hino in offering this extended transmission coverage including our FuelSense 2.0 package,” says Rohan Barua, vice president of original equipment manufacturer sales at Allison Transmission.

“The commitment to quality and workmanship at Allison enables us to offer this extension and further enhances our customers’ confidence in the reliability and durability of Allison Transmission products,” adds Barua. “We value our relationship with Hino and are pleased to be the standard transmission offered on Hino vehicles in North America.”

Hino Motors Sales U.S.A. Inc. is a Toyota Group Company that manufactures, sells and services a lineup of commercial trucks in classes 4 through 8 in the U.S. via its network of over 230 dealers nationwide.

Allison Transmission, founded in 1919, is a manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Allison transmissions can be found in a wide range of vehicles used in industries such as landscaping, refuse collection, construction, distribution and firefighting. They’re sold through approximately 1,400 independent distributor and dealer locations worldwide. The company employs approximately 2,900 people worldwide and has a market presence in 80 countries.