July 8 2019 07:31 AM

Full investigation is expected to take three to four months.

The North Carolina Department of Labor has released preliminary findings in the death of a Greensboro College student.

According to an article by CBS 17, Matthew Ellis, 21, died in an accident while working his summer job at a landscaping business in Raleigh on June 24.

The NCDOL said Ellis was working for Bland Landscaping Company when the accident occurred in Chapel Hill.

Preliminary information released by state officials reveals Ellis was standing between a truck and a trailer while debris was being loaded.

The driver of the truck pulled the truck and trailer forward without knowing where Ellis was standing, according to the report from NCDOL.

The truck crushed his leg and pelvis, the report said. The NCDOL said Ellis died while undergoing surgery at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The NCDOL is now investigating looking at training records, interviewing employees as part of the process. The NCDOL said the company could be cited for violations but the investigation could take three to four months.