July 8 2019 09:02 AM

Improvements in navigation, battery and efficiency will help accelerate the growth

The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based international industrial research company, has released a study on the U.S. lawn and garden robots industry. It projects that demand for these products will reach $95 million by 2022. Supporting sales for lawn and garden robots will be improved technology in three key functional areas:

Navigation Technology: Most robotic lawn mowers use an electric boundary wire laid along the perimeter of the lawn, and around any obstructions in the lawn, to provide the navigational input necessary to operate. However, installing these wires can be time-consuming and occasionally difficult. Enhanced navigation technology, including improved GPS tracking that allows for the creation of "virtual boundaries" or the use of computer vision or LiDAR, will enhance automation and support greater sales.

Enhanced Batteries and Range: The majority of lawn and garden robots feature lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries that need to be recharged over the course of one landscaping job. New battery developments, including the use of lithium-air batteries that allow for longer run times, will reduce the time a robot spends mowing a lawn.

Improved Mowing Efficiency: The functionality of robotic lawn mowers is being improved in order to handle variations in the landscape, including the ability to perform one steeper hills and rougher terrain. Further improvements to mowing efficiency, such as enhanced blade technology that handles thick grasses, will encourage consumers to adopt lawn and garden robots.

The Freedonia Group's Lawn & Garden Robots study analyzes the US landscaping products market by product. Historical data and demand forecasts are presented in value and unit terms. Pricing data, regulatory information, and in-depth profiles of leading industry participants including market share and recent restructuring activity are also provided.

The full study is available for purchase at www.freedoniagroup.com.