July 26 2019 11:45 AM

The Jones siblings recruit volunteers and donate a portion of proceeds to charity.

Jordan Jones and her two younger brothers Elijah and Erick are making a difference in their northeast Oklahoma City community. Starting in 2013 with a mower, string trimmer and blower, the trio have grown their business by recruiting other teens to join them.

According to an article on Oklahoma’s News 4 website, some of the services are provided for free to the elderly or less fortunate, but Jones Lawn Care Service, also has some paying customers. The Jones’ father oversees the company, but the majority of the business is handled by the three children.

The group of teens choose a charity to donate a portion of their proceeds to each year, and they have won the Neighborhood Alliance of Central OK's "Scout Finch" Award for youth community service in 2016.

Elijah Jones says he likes not having to rely on his parents to buy things for him and also enjoys helping others. Erick Jones says they want the volunteers they’ve recruited to learn to develop their own lawn care businesses and work ethic.